Welcome to the OC Recycle Guide. Need to get rid of it but not sure where it goes? Search an A-Z list of recycling options for Orange County residents. Thank you for practicing smart reuse options to help keep unnecessary waste out of the landfills.

Cans and Bottles

Aluminum and tin cans are used often for pet food, soda, and canned goods such as fruit and vegetables. Clean, dry aluminum cans and other beverage containers such as plastic bottles can be placed in a curbside recycle bin or collected and brought to recycling centers near grocery stores or other independent recycling center locations.


Residential curbside recycling
Aluminum, plastic and other metal cans can go in your curbside recycle bin for weekly pick-up. All bottles and cans should be rinsed out, clean and dried of all food waste or liquids. Residue can contaminate recyclables causing them to be sent to the landfill. Always check with your local trash hauler for specific instructions or requirements, including handling of aerosol cans. 

Recycling Centers 
Privately owned and operated recycling centers are available to redeem aluminum cans for redemption value. Check here for the CalRecycle locator and enter your zip code for a location near you.

City Recycling Coordinators
Your city recycling contact is another great resource for the closest recycling center and other local options.

Aerosol cans containing hazardous materials should be disposed of by hazardous waste guidelines or residents can drive through and drop off at and OC Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center.  

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Recycling Tip