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Construction & Demolition Waste

Depending on the type of project, compliance with OC Waste & Recycling's Construction & Demolition (C&D) Program may be required by OC Public Works/Planning. Your project will not be finalized until you comply with the 65% diversion requirement associated with applicable construction and demolition projects.  Applicants can achieve diversion through reuse, recycling, and/or composting of construction and demolition materials at County-approved facilities or use of a County Franchised Waste Hauler.

Below you can find the application packet and other useful information regarding the C&D program. Please remember to save your disposal receipts. To apply for compliance, you must turn in your disposal receipts and the completed tonnage report to CDRecyclingProgram@ocwr.ocgov.com. For more information, please email the same address or call (714)834-4000.

 Application Materials: 


Additional Resources:

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Treated Wood Disposal

Business Hazardous Waste


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