Welcome to the OC Recycle Guide. Need to get rid of it but not sure where it goes? Search an A-Z list of recycling options for Orange County residents. Thank you for practicing smart reuse options to help keep unnecessary waste out of the landfills.

Metal & Scrap Metal


Depending on the metal, the following resources are available for metal recycling in Orange County:

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Centers - propane tanks, fire extinguishers, etc.

County Construction and Demolition Program - home construction/reconstruction scrap metal

Recycling, Construction and Demolition Processors - Privately owned facilities not associated with the County of Orange

Earth911.com - Use this locater tool to find a scrap metal recycle center near you. 

Online sites - Check various online "for sale" sites and apps for people looking to buy scrap metal.

* Please note that some external links provide information that is not managed nor updated by OC Waste & Recycling.  You may contact those sites directly with any questions, requests or updates. We will routinely monitor external sites linked from our pages.

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